Friday, 7 June 2013

Colours and Landscaping Appointments

On Wednesday 05th June we had our colours and landscaping appointments. We used up the full 2 hours for the colours despite being what we thought was well prepared. We had driven around many new housing estates looking at colour schemes in the months prior, and had lots of photos to show them what look we were after. Still wondering if we have done any psychological damage to our kids by forcing them to spend so many hours trapped in the car on weekends.

For the landscaping we were limited as our council is strict on the amount of site coverage you can have. After the house, pool and driveway, the rest could only be permeable, so was mostly lawn and garden beds. So we are now waiting on the quote to come back from Wisdom.

Here are our colours. I am referring to the house as either the Whitehouse or the Lighthouse as the externals are all light colours and the internals are all whites. Our colour consultant said we were playing it safe. Hope that doesn't mean we are boring:

Bricks: PGH Cement
Mortar: Off White
Joints: Flushed
Windows: Pearl White Gloss
Roof: Colourbond Dune
Gutter: Dune
Fascia: Surfmist
Garage Door: Surfmist
Driveway: Bluestone
Scyon Linea cladding: Surfmist
Front Door: Maple door with Natural Stain

Kitchen, bathrooms, laundry
Caesar Stone Benchtops: Snow
Cupboards: White (will decide type of door at kitchen appt to see if our budget allows for the polyurethane for the kitchen cupboards)
Splashback: White Float

The photo in the middle is of a house with a Dune roof and Surfmist cladding. It looks so different than the small samples in the top photo. The bricks are almost identical in colour to ours. Apart from our windows being white this is the colour scheme we are going for. The bottom photo is of our choices for the kitchen, laundry and bathroom benchtops and cupboards (unless we change our mind).