Friday, 24 January 2014

Contract build time has started but no builder in sight or on site

Well we are officially on Wisdom time now. Under the contract they should have started on 20/12/13 but then there was was the 5 week Christmas shutdown period which brings us to today. So the longer their appointed demolition company takes to demolish our old house the less time Wisdom have to build our new one. 30 weeks from today we are supposed to have a house, weather dependent, so we are counting down now.
Once again we have received empty promises from the demolition company about when they will be back to complete the demolition. They were supposed to return either yesterday or today with their heavy machinery but surprise surprise they were a no show again. They will not answer our texts or phone calls.
They have appeared on site for the odd day here and there since before Christmas. Must be the longest demolition ever. My neighbours are over looking at an overgrown dilapidated property, not to mention that Wisdom are now considered a joke by so many people we know, especially those who have done knock down rebuilds with other builders. They certainly won't be getting any business from any of our friends or acquaintances.
On top of it all we have been evicted from our rental property after only 6 months because the owner wants to do a knockdown rebuild. Ironic. We asked for a 12 month lease and were told by the real estate agent the owner only wanted a 6 month lease so he could verify his tenants were reliable, and he would renew if we were. So we signed the lease. What a load of BS that was. So we need to move for the second time in 6 months and are desperately trying to find another rental property within our price range and area. So far we have not had much luck. More wine please!

This is how our old house looks at the moment.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

New Year New Start. Bring it on!

Well it's a brand new year so we are hoping all things in relation with house building will be more positive.

Have enjoyed the last few weeks of not thinking about the house enormously, but we can't let things slide too long or otherwise Wisdom may not start our house for a very long time, causing the stress levels to rise again.

Have reviewed the time lines provided by the builder and so far we are:

18 days over the 20 business days quoted in our Building Agreement under HIA Clause 8, which states the builder must commence works within 20 business days after all building permits and planning approvals have been received. This clause is not subject to Clause 9: Delays and Building Extensions (i.e. adverse weather, Christmas 5 week break, etc.). Clause 9 is only effective from the date of commencement of building works.

35 days over the date quoted in the Building Agreement under Building Condition 12 that states that all conditions required to be met to facilitate the commencement of Building works must be met by 07/12/2013. This includes demolition. Wisdom Homes are responsible for the demolition and have not met this condition. In fact the demolition company are still unable to provide us with a date for demolition, despite advising us at the end of last year that it would be mid January 2014.

13 weeks over the 20 weeks time frame quoted in the Procedures of Purchase - KDR documentation we signed on 13 November 2012. Under Stage 3 this document states that the period between Contract Signing with Wisdom Homes and commencement of works (subject to council approval times) is 10-20 weeks. We only had minor delays in obtaining council approval, and these were as a result of errors made by Wisdom in the DA. We signed our contract on 25/5/2013. It is now 33 weeks since we signed the contract.

10 days over the time frame quoted in an email received from Wisdom Homes on 25/11/2013 stating that demolition would take place within 21 working days. It is now 31 working days since we received this email and our house has not been demolished.

The only thing that has happened since we finalised all paperwork with Wisdom is the temporary fence went up just before Christmas.

They are so unreliable. They need a bloody good kick up the backside. What to do next, apart from the email I have sent bringing to their attention the above breaches of contract? Another review on Product Review or perhaps a discussion with the Department of Fair Trading.